A shark tries to eat a shark hooked to a fishing line.
Hooked by Slane Sharp from youtube.com
Cool old video - Fishing for sharks from a blimp
Hooked by Ian Shiell from youtube.com
Jack Valdez that is OLD school
4 days ago, John Petruescu from La Mesa caught the worlds largest Yellowfin Tuna by Rod and Reel. Check this monster out!
Hooked by Ian Shiell from youtube.com
Dog catches salmon swimming upstream on road!
Hooked by Ian Shiell from youtube.com
Wyatt Hubbard That dog is having the day of his life!
Captain Rude takes a rookie shark fishing and hook a monster lemonshark,all footage shot by me on my gopro HDHero 2's,working on 3D video's now as well with my gopro3D I just got,so keep watching!
Hooked by Rudy Vinzant from youtube.com
Josh Webber shark week continues... nice Captain Rude!
Jan Owens way to go Magic Mike! ;)
Swimming with sailfish montage, Costa Rica
Hooked by Don Dingman from youtube.com
Jason Kane Wow Don, this is so cool! Why does the sailfish not just swim away?
Patti Rice Oh my gosh this video was awesome, it made you feel like you were right there!
Really enjoyed it!
Great underwater recording where a Grouper engulfed an Amberjack!
Hooked by Ian Shiell from youtube.com
Awesome new song on Zac Brown's new CD. Makes me want to hop on a boat and head to the Islands!
Hooked by Ian Shiell from youtube.com
Jack Valdez Did not know there was a new ZB CD out. That songs sounds great! Very Buffettesque!
Danny Pavlik I love that song already! Just bought the cd this morning.
Insane Sailfishing Video! These guys are next level man!
Hooked by Ed Pappas from youtube.com
Yellowfin Tuna Fishing in the Bahamas!
Hooked by Chris Rice from youtube.com
Wyatt Hubbard Great vid! Can't wait for my annual Bahamas Fishing trip in August!
With that much fight in him that Blue Marlin deserves to stay out in the Pacific! Whoa!
‪Best fishing song that you probably never heard. Fishin' Blues‬ by Taj Mahal.
Hooked by Ian Shiell from youtube.com
Jan Owens Taj has been around forever and only the longtime fisherman know who he is. He used to frequent South Florida quite often.
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