Joanna Cossom My favorite show!!
A typical day with Kayakjak Outfitters in SW Nebraska!
Hooked by Marty Hughes from youtube.com
Stalking Bass in the backwaters of a small lake in SW Nebrsaka using the kayak.
Hooked by Marty Hughes from youtube.com
Paddling to remote locations and finding huge Bass is a lot of fun!
Hooked by Marty Hughes from youtube.com
Chris Rice Keep that location a secret Marty wow! Those are some hungry Bass!
Is this guy stoked about his lake trout or what!? To his credit, I have to admit that I have never seen one that large.
Hooked by Eli Reeves from youtube.com
Tommy Craig Those guys need their own show!! Funny video .
Steve Arts He could barely get it through the hole LOL
monster muskie i lost at the boat whipping for walleye, videos not that great... my lil brother recored it whillle i was trying to land it...
The Man the Myth the Legend.....Happy Happy!!!!
Jan Owens "she doesn't have to be a pretty girl" LOL classic
Salty Dawgz no ma'am....just needs to know hot to fish/hunt!
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Eli Reeves I am missing me some Duck Dynasty right now!
Bill Dance Boopers!
Hooked by Tommy Craig from youtube.com
Anyone with a young son can appreciate this! I have a 9 month old and can't wait to take him fishing!
Travis Eckert This is awesome!
Make sure you know what type of fish you use to spank your friend with! OUCH! I would not use a catfish.
Hooked by Gavin Page from youtube.com
Cameron Hines Saw that on Tosh! I was LMAO!
Ed Pappas TOSH is great man!
Best Ever Smallmouth Bass Casting - Tips & Tricks
Tom Burden Awesome Video !
This guy caught a Walleye and the Northern Pike ate the Walleye. The Walleye's tail ends up sticking out of the Pike's mouth!
Hooked by Ian Shiell from youtube.com
Steven Schultz This is actually a lot more common than you would think.
Best show on TV! Can't get enough Duck Dynasty.
Hooked by Ian Shiell from youtube.com
Susan & Joe Joyner Can't wait to order frog legs the next time they're on the menu!
Tommy Craig That show is awesome!
Jake Bowers Si is the best! I would go hunting or fishing with him just to hear his stories.
Blake Harris The Robertson's are the best!
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Check out the "Redneck Fishing Tournament" in Illinois!
Hooked by Ian Shiell from youtube.com
Jason Withers I love the guy standing there with a black eye and broken nose! Watch out!
Now, this is how you want to catch fish! One of the funniest videos I have seen! LOL
Hooked by Darryl Kohl from youtube.com
Steve Arts I saw that a while ago, but that is worth seeing again.
Jose Castro Those are Asian Carps an invasive species found now on the Illinois and Mississippi Rivers on their way to the Great Lakes if not (...more)
Jimmy Buffett singing Volcano live at Bonnaroo. - Marley loves this song!
Hooked by Chris Rice from youtube.com
Jessianne Rice I don't know where I'ma gonna go when the Volcano blow!
Joseph Webb Jimmy's still got it!
Gavin Page I only dream to be as cool as Jimmy when I am 66 years old. The guy is actually probably cooler than me now!
Is there a better fishing song than this? Don't think so!
Hooked by Keith Allen from youtube.com
Gavin Page Best fishing song to date!
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