Privacy Policy

FishyPic, LLC (“FishyPic”) understands that your privacy is important and takes this matter very seriously.  FishyPic places a premium on protecting and respecting your privacy, and will make securing your personal information its top priority.  For information regarding how FishyPic will use and protect your personal information, please read this privacy policy in full. By using this website, (the “Site”) you are agreeing to, acknowledging, and accepting the terms of this privacy policy. 

Acquiring Personal Information:

Information which you input or submit on this website is received and stored in databases by FishyPic.  This includes any personal information you submit when you create an account or when you utilize the Site to share or upload content.   FishyPic is also be configured to allow Users to login to FishyPic by using and linking that User’s existing account on other third-party social networking sites (“SNS”) such as Twitter and Facebook.  When accessing FishyPic, Users will be given the option to create a FishyPic account or to enter the account information for the other linked SNS sites prior to using FishyPic.  When you access the Site via a third-party SNS, FishyPic collects and stores your account information and personal information submitted to that third-party SNS.

In addition to the information submitted by the User, during your use of the Site FishyPic will also electronically collect some general information about your computer, internet service provider, how you use the Site, and the zip code from which you accessed the site.  FishyPic may also collect data regarding the time spent using the Site, the pages you viewed, and the locations of the areas you searched for pictures in an effort to provide you with a more effective product.   FishyPic does use “cookies” to track User’s viewing information.  You may disable the use of cookies by changing your personal settings for your web browser, but that may cause certain parts of the Site not to work correctly for you.

How Your Personal Information is Used:

FishyPic does not sell your personal information.  FishyPic uses your personal information for the purpose of running the Site and providing an effective tool for users looking share content and network.  This includes, but is not limited to, allowing you to maintain your individual User account, allowing you to comment and communicate with other Users, providing email notifications, responding to customer service requests and complaints, and conducting internal research on how users generally use the Site in an effort to improve the Site.  FishyPic may also use this information to enforce its Terms and Conditions, collect fees, or to troubleshoot problems. 

Your personal information may also be shared with any SNS that you have used to log in and access FishyPic.  Your personal information may be accessed and shared to facilitate the process of accessing the Site and transferring content between the linked SNS accounts.   Users are allowed to link their Twitter and Facebook accounts to FishyPic, allowing Users to repost and share content between the respective sites.  However, Users will have the option on FishyPic to disable and limit the content which may be shared between other SNS by updating their privacy settings for their FishyPic account.   

Disclosure of Personal Information:

When you use the Site, some personal information such as your selected Username will be accessible by other Users.  You will also be given the option to include a User photo or to input additional information on your public profile which can be accessed by other Users.   Also, when you send inquires or messages to other Users on the Site, some personal contact information will be made available for that User to reply.  Users are given an option to modify their privacy settings and may select different privacy options regarding what information is made public for each respective User’s account.  FishyPic reserves the right to disclose your personal information in connection with any court order, subpoena, or legal or regulatory authority which requires such disclosure, or in any legal proceeding or action necessary to protect FishyPic’s legal rights.

How We Protect Your Personal Information:

FishyPic is committed to protecting the information we collect.  FishyPic has implemented appropriate security procedures with the aim of protecting the personal information you provide to us.  FishyPic uses safeguards to protect account information, maintains firewalls to protect its databases, uses encryption techniques when transmitting sensitive information, and restricts unauthorized users from accessing your password protected account.  However, as no electronic database is entirely secure, FishyPic cannot completely guarantee the security or confidentiality of your information.  FishyPic requests your help in maintaining the security of online information, and it is your responsibility to keep your password confidential, not allow other persons to use your account, and to change your password whenever it may be compromised.

Non-Personal Information:

FishyPic may use information in aggregate or in compilations with that of other users in ways which does not contain specific information about any one particular user.  For example, FishyPic may collect and use information regarding the total number of accounts maintained by the Site, the number of visitors the Site receives in certain time periods, the number of site users by zip-code, and trends regarding the type of content uploaded and shared.

FishyPic may use affiliate marketing links, which means we may get paid commission on sales of the products that FishyPic users upload and talk about. Our content is not influenced by advertisers or affiliate partnerships in any way whatsoever. We use a 3rd Party to enable these affiliate partnerships on some of the content that our users like.  You can read their Privacy Policy and find more information on the cookies they use.

Other Websites:

If you are redirected from this Site onto another website, that website is not subject to this privacy policy or FishyPic’s Terms and Conditions.  Information submitted on any third-party website is done at the User’s own risk.

Modifications and Updates to this Privacy Policy:

FishyPic reserves the right to update and modify this Privacy Policy.  Such changes to these Terms and Conditions will be effective upon the posting of notice of the changes on our Site.  Any use of the Site by User after such notice has been posted on the Site shall be deemed to constitute acceptance by User of such modifications.


If you have specific questions about this Privacy Policy please e-mail us at