FishyPic 101

What is

What is a “FishyPic”?

What category do I post in?

What do the categories mean?

What it means to “Follow”?

Creating & Managing FishyPics

Anatomy of a FishyPic

How to use the “Hook It” button

How to install the “Hook It” button

How to “Hook a Website”

What does “Rehook” mean?

How to make a FishyPic into a web link?

Editing your FishyPic

What’s the difference between Liking and Rehooking?

How to add a price to your FishyPic

Sending a FishyPic

Creating & Managing Tackle Boxes

What is a Tackle Box?

How to create a new Tackle Box

How to edit the title of a Tackle Box

Moving a FishyPic to another Tackle Box

Creating & Managing Tackle Boxes

How to Edit your User Profile

Adding your company website to your Profile Page

Linking FishyPic to your Facebook & Twitter accounts