Picture of a big swordfish we caught a few months ago. Can hopefully post a few pics every month on our charters catches. This sword was caught on Double D out of Miami www.doubledcharters.com
Jake Bowers OMG that is huge!
Cameron Hines That swordfish's eye is about half the size of your face!! Did you catch that off Miami?
Jay Brickell Holy hell! How many lbs was the BEAST?
Dean Panos That sword was caught off of Miami by one of our clients and was very close to 600 pounds!
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Snapped a shot of this 330lb Swordfish caught yesterday off Oregon Inlet yesterday by this 13 year old boy! Said they had a monster day catching a white marlin, 5 sailfish, loads of dolphin. Can't w more...
Hooked by Josh Webber onto 4th Of July
Mark and Capt. Easy landed a catch of a lifetime! Braggin rights for a long time!
Chris Rice You think Mark has enough Zinka on his nose. HAHA!
Keith Allen What is that on Mark's nose? LOL
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