Live Target
Yellowtail Snapper. The Yellowbrick Road.
Nice little yellow tail!!
Dead Bait
Beautiful Red Snapper. Back in the water he went. Hopefully one day the recreational fisher will be able to keep these.
Great day diving...25 snapper, 1 big cobia, and 1 grouper
Eli Reeves what a day!
Sam Briggs call it a day!
Live Target
I was using a small piece of seabass trying to catch more bait... fun on a bait rod... Had to let him go as they are protected ( in August)
Steve Arts Caught him on seabass? Wow, great story but bad timing (catching him in August)
Brian Bowen I bet it was painful to toss that guy back in, but the law is the law.
Michael Carney Very painfull...
nice snapper! muscles too!
Day-trip to the Bahamas, caught a lot of nice Queen Snappers
Owen Hines those are beautiful queens!
Kevin finally got his turn and hooks into something nice... Turns out to be a fat snapper!
It has been all about the Reds lately! Went 35-40 miles offshore and to catch our American Red limit, then caught a couple Red Groupers on the way back in.
Nice Cubera Snapper ladies! We were crushing 'em this weekend at a secret shipwreck! Shhh.
Rehooked by Ed Pappas via Chris Rice onto Great FishyPic
Nice catch Drew!
Rehooked by Ed Pappas onto Great FishyPic
After the Chicken Dolphin, we moved on and decided to troll the spread. Spent most of the time clearing lines. Hit a bottom spot on way back and snagged a couple nice Snappers. Snapper Extended to more...
Jack Valdez Pretty snapper
Cubera Snapper!
Terry and I spent yesterday fishing around the bent marker in about 50-70 feet of water. We put down the chum and the fish began coming behind our boat. We hooked a few nice Yellowtails and then hea more...
Hooked by Jan Owens onto Great FishyPic
Steve Arts Nice yellow Jan! We were out yesterday and caught some kings, 2 bonitas and 1 sail.
That is a gorgeous Yellowtail. Perfect color!
Jan Owens What a beautiful fish! Some of the best colors I have ever seen on a Yellowtail.
On the mainland you Haole's call them Red Snapper, but over here in paradise we call them Onaga! Aloha!
Piggies were chewin on Capt. Smit-lo's boat this day!! Thanks again for a great trip!
Chris Rice Look at Lederman makin the FP debut with his 1st post! Nice catch! Like that hat too baby!
Chad Rice I need to get out on the water more. I like that Black Fly Outfitters Buff too.
Look at the spots! Perfect Yellowtail!
One of many yellowtail we caught in Islamorada in May.
Chris Rice Beautiful Yellow!
Debbie with two nice Red Snappers. What a fun day. Now off to Spinnaker's for drinks!
Went out with Cap'n Lew and had a blast with these ladies. Look at that Snapper man!
Jonathan Lederman If it takes three ladies to hold it... THAT'S ONE BIG GROUPER!!!!
Lance Burkhart Nice Grouper Ladies!!!
Jan Owens Gentlemen, that is a Cubera Snapper. You don't see those too often!
Steven Schultz Good call Jan.
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Mangrove and Yellowtail bites that made a great dinner!
Chris Rice Atta Boy Drew! Don't worry, your Dad will buy you a fishing boat in no time.
Susan & Joe Joyner You da man, Drew! Your daddy did a good job frying those big boys up - d'lish!
Tish Welch Slusher gotta get those kids fishing, love to see these kind of pics! Fish On Drew!
15 miles offshore (on Gulf side) to 10 feet of water! I am used to 3 miles offshore for 400 feet of water in Delray!
Bobby Ricigliano Look at Big Drew makin it happen. Tell your old man to get you a boat buddy!
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