Live Bait
38 lbs, caught bouncing roe
Abu Garcia
Abu Garcia
big koho
Cameron Hines fish is a work of art!
Chris Rice Looks like it's already mounted! Nice land Anson!
Lake Ontario - 29pound King Salmon.
salmon river, pulaski, NY
Steve Arts what a day Freddy
Freddy Peck thank you
Salmon river, all Limited out, SALON RIVER, PULASKI, NY
Jamie Walsh Well done gents! Looks like a day that will buy you more days fishing from the wives. Food on the table.
Freddy Peck awesome day with friends and family!!!!!
28 pound King Salmon, 7 1/2 foot homemade Fly Rod and reel, Salmon River, Pulaski, NY
Eli Reeves that king had to be fun to pull in!
Freddy Peck yea, took about 20 minutes to get in, HUGE run this year on the river
Orlando Noriega III went up late oct. and kings were still running. only a few hundred though.
Buck Silver in the box!
Eli Reeves OMG! What did you catch that monster on?
Jason Kane monster is right
my neice tina's first salmon this year
nephew Jody, Great Neice Kendra and me its a family affair
me with a nice one
Eli Reeves Awesome Don!
Darryl Kohl picture perfect
Tony Strickland Sweet one Don! I feel like you're gonna play it like a guitar any second!
20 lb
Jan Owens Don, what do you pull a 20 pounder like that in on?
Don Mosier this is my nephew and he uses 15 lb test trolling
11 yrs old first salmon he caught SKYLER- 38 1/2 lbs
Jack Valdez You know you have done well when you can't hold up your own catch! Very nice job!
Sam Briggs good work Skyler
Tish Welch Slusher great catch Skyler!
Gavin Page Very nice! Did you pull this in fly fishing?
Jan Owens go girl!
Started out HOT!!! Then it Rained most of the trip and was cold....but was ALL Worth it for this Hen :)
Jake Bowers Absolutely flawless!
Jan Owens That fish is so perfect it doesn't even look real! But, I know it is Jaclyn... ;) Just sayin' it is pretty.
Slane Sharp Nice work Jaclyn!
team makem bite/hunting&fishing
Chris Rice Wow Sean! Nicely done man!
Chris Rice Ed where you been?
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Paul Deeter Gorgeous fish Shawn, and a great picture too!
Shawn Vanheck thanks, it was a friend of a friend that cought it on lake michigan
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Winter steelhead in oregon is good fishin.
Hooked by chad lynn onto Great FishyPic
Red McGuire We've got some nice sized steels down here in CO, but that is one of the biggest I've seen.
Joe Stephens I have to get to Oregon! Looks cold, but that fish would make it all worth it
chad lynn grab some chest wiaters and lets go fishin.
My First Big Lake Salmon
Gavin Page Not a bad first lake salmon to catch!
Having some fun catching a few nice bright salmon using salmon eggs
Joe Stephens Looks like a blast. My goal in 2013 is to get up to AK to salmon fish.
Some nice King Salmon from Lake Ontario out of Olcott, NY. "FINNATIC"
Andrew Warner Those are beautiful King Salmon! How do you always have two? :)
Gavin Page You are the ultimate double fister!
Ian Shiell Nice catch Rob!
First lake i've found over 12000' that contains cuttbows. Caught many cuttys in the 17" range also. Whatcha think of this boy?
The fish were jumping out of the water for any green drake pattern size (14/16) and during the day the copper johns and hares ear (16) were all they would eat under the surface. Here's one of mine!
Jay Brickell Nice Bow Red. Love Aspen fishin.
Made it out to the Fork right ouside of Aspen this weekend with my Grandson. Recent rain made the water a tad murky but the fishing was not affected at all. Here's one of Paul's.
Nice King Salmon out of Wilson, NY
Ed Pappas That's a handful Rob. Nice land.
A pair of King Salmon out of Olcott, NY
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