yellow perch caught atHills Creek State Park PA
Slane Sharp very nice perch
14 inch pig caught off a worms
Jan Owens very nice coloring
Matt Leveck monster perch, nice catch
Phillip Tipton we got bigger on the lakes
Orlando Noriega III @ Phillip, Is that an invitation??? LOL
thnx for the comments guys and keep on fishin
It's a family tradition, and he's hooked. This is one of 5 perch caught by the little angler in training that day.
Chris Rice Love seeing the kids fishing man. Good stuff Clayton
Ed Pappas It's officially done. He's an Angler for life, haha!
Clayton Dunn Definitely! Thanks yall!
Jay Brickell Lil' Peacock Bucket...
Small fishin with my Pops and nephew Luke!
Chad James That was your bait, right? ;)
Cameron Hines That is the biggest perch that I have ever seen! I admit that I haven't seen a bunch, but the ones that I caught are like 3-4 inc(...more)
bernie donnelly wow. that perch is awesome
No kidding, this is the biggest Perch I have ever caught!
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