Trolling ciagrs with "live bait" style rigs was working well, but you have to play with them sometime's to prevent the spinning. Once they started to "cooperate", BAM!!!
Hooked by Ed Pappas onto Kings
this is the rare and elusive gummy fish caught on gummy bait if you should catch this fish better eat it fast or your girlfriend/wife will
Hooked by Greg Hunt onto Great FishyPic
Owen Hines I catch too many of those but my daughter always eats them :)
Greg Hunt my son onlt has one third of a tooth right now so i dont have to worry about him eating my fishes lol
Day-trip to the Bahamas, caught a lot of nice Queen Snappers
Owen Hines those are beautiful queens!
this is a picture of the gaff just before contact ,from underwater angle
Steve Arts Awesome view... what kind of fish?
Rudy Vinzant cuda just before we stuck him !
5 foot i'm not sure what kind all i know is he was very mad!
Captain Daniel caught a great rack of pacific halibut on Exciter with Afishunt Charters
Bobby Ricigliano Got to make it up to AK for Halibut. That's ridiculous.
John Baker Just a bit of realism to add here guys- not all our fish are this big. Average halibut is about 20 pounds
Trophy-sized king (chinook) salmon taken by drift boat with guide Grant with Afishunt Charters
Captain Bryan and three happy ladies with Pacific Halibut caught on the Voyageur with Afishunt Charters.
A Mahi or two!!!
Hooked by Ed Pappas onto Great FishyPic
My boy Lance with a nice sized Bull. What a trip! Let's go back boys!
Mrs. Garza's cobia catch out of the Gulf of Mexico, out of the Jetties of Cameron, La. NIce! What a great catch, love "lady luck"
Hooked by Salty Dawgz from
I wrestle a 300+ pound bullshark and leader it single handed!
Hooked by Rudy Vinzant from
Jamie Walsh Awesome video and that was really cool how the baby stingray was born in the livewell!
Have you hugged a nurse today!?..I love sharkweek !
Kevin Hardy I can't wait for shark week next week! My favorite week of the year!
7 foot bullshark i caught in the Amelia River!
Eli Reeves very impressive bullshark!
Josh Webber That is a monster!
Rudy Vinzant Goin back this weekend for round 2!
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The 1
Hunting down big yellowfins is an experience
Jamie Walsh I bet that was fun to pull in!
Speared a pair of nice Nassau grouper
Pole spear heaven
Ian Shiell Wow, what a day! Nice job Jacob!
Pair of stud Hogfish
6 Blackfin Tuna & 1 King in two hours
After a little beer and trolling one of the Bonitas took off! We got super excited at the prospect of a potential Wahoo bite but it was only a King. All in all good fishing w/ Great friends!
Kevin finally got his turn and hooks into something nice... Turns out to be a fat snapper!
I got to do some bottom bumping with the boys over the 4th weekend. Bite was red hot with our first drop. Jason with a nice lil' 12lb gag...
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