Dead Bait
About a 30 lb Cuda.
Hooked by Ian Shiell onto Kids pics
60# Cuda off the coast of GRand Turk
Hooked by Bj Allen onto Great FishyPic
Andrew Warner Nice cuda BJ! Go to Grand Turk recently? I want last summer and it was great fishing!
Darryl Kohl What did you hook the cuda on?
this is a picture of the gaff just before contact ,from underwater angle
Steve Arts Awesome view... what kind of fish?
Rudy Vinzant cuda just before we stuck him !
I took this pic off of Pompano Beach. If you didn't respect the Cuda before, you will now!
Lance Burkhart They will take your children out of the boat if you're not careful.
Jake Bowers Okay, that is a good reminder to take your shiny jewelry off!
Nice one Phil! Watch those hands, haha. Remember last trip? Just kidding, stitches aren't funny...
Nice Barracuda
Hooked by Keith Allen from
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