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FAD Fishing in Quepos, Costa Rica is very popular because it means that anglers can expect to hook ten or more Marlin per trip, and that’s at a minimum!
A selection of the tools of the my trade
From last summer
Tourney special rod Abu Revo 12lb
Hooked by Bob Bates with FishyPic App onto bob's box
18.5 in. Large mouth on lake dammariscotta, ME
Hooked by Joseph Sojka with FishyPic App onto spinner
My first bass from a pond
grean and white speckled scum frog
sawyer ashman I love it!!!
Just got this new Daiwa Lexa 300 Baitcast Reel and it has been awesome! Easy to cast and drag is real nice. I have been on fire with stripers with this reel!
Hooked by Kevin Hardy from
Another smaller hard body floating Buzz Frogs i love!!!!! Bass attack these!!!
Some of the best Buzz Frogs ive ever used!!!
Nice sandals
Joe Stephens Those are awesome! Where did you get them?
Mike Kleid looked like 2 flattened baby more hot peppers after 10pm....
Cesar N Arlenne I saw these on another fishing website and thought I would share them with the FishyPic community. They're nice and if you have sm(...more)
Mason Vaughn very cool lookin, but they look kinda slim in the back?
Hand Made Coffee Tables
Jan Owens this is beautiful Don!
Dave Sim That is a great idea!!!!
Handmade Coffee Tables
Bought all these online
Line is anybody's game I use alot of Spiderwire and Berkley. from 4LB XT on my ultralite to 65LB braid on my heavy baitcasting outfit and everything in between.
Good hooks are a must. I almost exclusively use circle hooks I have them from #8 to 16/0 and most of them are Eagle Claw best hook for my doller
My new Penn Defiance combo will be used to pull in my personal record flathead come spring/summer and saltwater fishing.
Floating Fishing Rods! $99 High Quality Rods that keep your rod and reel above the drink!
Looks like a nice shirt!
Look what i got :)
Hand made to order or see examples on
good guy gift
Gavin Page Bring on the Big Bobber! Christmas?
Tyson Landry Not sure it holds enough beer! LOL
Swimming bait through the water. Check out the link and enter a contest to win an Anglers Art Bag.
Andrew Warner I love your work John!
John Campos Thanks Andrew!
I have a photo contest on my facebook page to win an Anglers Art Bag if you like the page and enter an outdoor pho(...more)

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Squidnation Squidward Key Chain!
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