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One of the hardest things to do in life is to give away what you have a lack of. This law is an unwritten and pretty much unpopular law with the way that society works today, but it is truly a law that works. If you find yourself lacking in joy, and lacking in happiness, do your best to make someone else happy. Help someone do something that they would have otherwise never done without your help, smile and be kind to someone who is being rude to you, and try your best to bless others in any other way that you can think of. If you find yourself lacking peace of mind, help to comfort someone else that you know you can comfort. If you find yourself lacking in freedom, help to give freedom to someone else, be encouraging, and show people the love you have inside of you. Doing these things are good ways to quench your own appetite for happiness, freedom, and peace of mind in your own life.
Here here!
Very well said Jaclyn. And as usual, awesome pictures. Thanks for posting them!
Jaclyn, very true unless you're low on bait. Then I just can't help you. Haha. JK
Now there's a catch! ....And I,m not talking about the fish ;-)

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