Floating Fishing Rods! $99 High Quality Rods that keep your rod and reel above the drink!
Going fishing on The San Diego this saturday the 24.anybody wana go? the landing is Seaforth landing in San Diego to make your reservations. 3/4 day 7am-4pm open party $80 bucks
Guided kayak fishing trips for $75 or less in Southwest Nebraska. Incredible fishing..."A Unique Experience...Every Time!"
Dave Sim My kind of fishing!
Pflueger® Trion® GX-7 Spinning Rod and Reel Combo - $59.99 Rated 4.7 out of 5 (74 Reviews)
Hooked by Chris Rice from basspro.com
Daiwa® Aird Spinning Reel from Bass Pro $89.99 - Got this for Father's Day and put it through the paces out on Chick Lake today. It performed great! Love it!
Hooked by Jay Brickell from basspro.com
Cabela’s Tournament ZX/Tourney Trail Rod & Reel Combo $99.98 - One of the Ten Best by Outdoor.com
Hooked by Chris Rice from cabelas.com
Killer Combos: Best Bargain Spinning Rod and Reel Combinations for 2012 under $100..
Ed Pappas I would nibble on that hook.
Red McGuire Yes, yes. Killer Combos is right, haha.
Ray Castro i will raffel the rod and reel only if i can keep the girl.
Mike Kleid What fishing rod?!?
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Plano Guide Series Pro System $59.95 - Got one for my birthday and love it.
Hooked by Chris Rice from walmart.com
Dakota Angler II Clip Watch $89.99
Bobby Ricigliano Are we shotgunning beers? I'll time you!
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