Killer Combos: Best Bargain Spinning Rod and Reel Combinations for 2012 under $100..
Ed Pappas I would nibble on that hook.
Red McGuire Yes, yes. Killer Combos is right, haha.
Ray Castro i will raffel the rod and reel only if i can keep the girl.
Mike Kleid What fishing rod?!?
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My new Costa's! Love them!!! - $199
Ian Shiell Kendra's rocking some Costa's!
Quantum Energy PTiC Spinning Reels - $139.99 Just got one and Love It!!!
Clearwater Loaded Vest from Orvis $195.00 - The nicest Fly Fishing vest ever!
Hooked by Chris Rice from
Dude when you wear these you will definitely be "Fly" Fishing, Haha! Limited Edition Oakley Frogskins $140.00
Steve Arts I may throw you over my boat if I see you in this big guy.
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