Now who wants $10 off for next weeks Rock Cod opener weekend? we need a minimun of 10 people. its going to be beautifull weather. .pdpsportfishing .com fishing the Santa Monica Bay. Dock 52 Fiji Way M more...
Ray Castro give me a call to save your spot. 1-877-PANGAS-1
$10.00 off on the spitfire Sat Feb 9th find out how on pdpsportfishing .com
Beginners Guide to Fly Tying - Got this for my Grandson and he's already tying Flies. $17.99
Hooked by Red McGuire from
Guy Harvey Tervis Tumbler $16.00
Hooked by Erin Craig from
Montana Fly Company Elk Hair Caddis Flies. These are all I have used lately to nab these bows. $12.99 at BPS.
Hooked by Kevin Hardy from
Salt Life Mens Hook Line & Sinker Tee - $20.00
A few Anchor Steams after a great day of Fly Fishing and you can't go wrong. A great Mom & Pop Brewery! $7.99 a sixer.
Hooked by Chris Rice from
Pete Burgess My all time favorite beer!
L.L.Bean Fly-Fishing Handbook $18.95 - Great for the budding Fly Fisherman. My nephew Jonah loves it!
Ricky Slade I got this book when I was a kid. It's like a rite of passage.
Jessianne Rice I just got this for my Dad. Great coffee table book.
Chris Rice Hey, I got that for your Dad!
$5.99 Croakies
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