Is there a better fishing song than this? Don't think so!
Hooked by Keith Allen from
Gavin Page Best fishing song to date!
My prize from my Ohio trip!
Mike Kleid Nice walleye !
Sweet shirt $39.99
$5.99 Croakies
My next toy for the Keys. Bay Craft 18 foot flats boat. I have tried to justify it for years, but just haven't pulled the trigger!
Darryl Kohl That is a nice boat and would be very useful in the Keys
Bobby Ricigliano Just do it Keith. Tell her it's a Father's Day present haha!
Cold, but worth every second.. 28 inch Rainbow Trout
Hooked by Keith Allen onto Alaskan Trip
Susan Dowell That's about par for the Upper Kenai. It's especially good in late September. HAWGS!!!!!! on a bead!
One of the prettiest fish you can catch! Love my Redfish
bernie donnelly that is a cool redfish, for sure.
Debbie Mann May Beautiful Red, love the spot pattern on this one!
I can't remember if this was from my Iowa or Pennsylvania trip? I am pretty sure that it is a Sunfish. Nice looking fish.
Darryl Kohl Yup, that is a Sunfish.. nice one
Mark and Capt. Easy landed a catch of a lifetime! Braggin rights for a long time!
Chris Rice You think Mark has enough Zinka on his nose. HAHA!
Keith Allen What is that on Mark's nose? LOL
Skully & Big Ed with a beautiful Mahi Mahi! Skully will probably get a tattoo of this Catch! He's crazy dude!
Julie caught a nice Gag Grouper!
Smoked Marlin Dip Recipe! Yes please!
Think people on the beach look ready to go in now?
Hooked by Ian Shiell from
Mangrove and Yellowtail bites that made a great dinner!
Chris Rice Atta Boy Drew! Don't worry, your Dad will buy you a fishing boat in no time.
Susan & Joe Joyner You da man, Drew! Your daddy did a good job frying those big boys up - d'lish!
Tish Welch Slusher gotta get those kids fishing, love to see these kind of pics! Fish On Drew!
15 miles offshore (on Gulf side) to 10 feet of water! I am used to 3 miles offshore for 400 feet of water in Delray!
Bobby Ricigliano Look at Big Drew makin it happen. Tell your old man to get you a boat buddy!
How true.
Bobby Ricigliano Every liar I know loves to fish haha!
Look at Papa Rice hooking a nice Smallmouth out back!!!
Bobby Ricigliano Atta boy Chuck!!!
Caught these in about 450-500 feet off a weedline. Totalled 12 phins with the biggest one close to 40 lbs. All caught on trolled ballyhoo with ilander lures.
Ian Shiell Nice Danny! Hope we have that kind of luck this weekend!
Nice catch
Bobby Ricigliano Look at Stu in the background. So wasted!!!
Cold but nice Cod
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