Marty also landed the all-time boat record ladyfish. This fish weighed over 4 pounds!
Jake snagged this Bluefin when we were down in the O.C.
Went out with Cap'n Lew and had a blast with these ladies. Look at that Snapper man!
Jonathan Lederman If it takes three ladies to hold it... THAT'S ONE BIG GROUPER!!!!
Lance Burkhart Nice Grouper Ladies!!!
Jan Owens Gentlemen, that is a Cubera Snapper. You don't see those too often!
Steven Schultz Good call Jan.
All 6 comments...
Yeti Tundra 65 wow! Fits an entire Eskimo family AND five cases of beer. $359.99
Bobby Ricigliano My brother got one of these for Christmas and sold his kitchen fridge. He didn't need it anymore. These are badass!
Angela and her Lil' Spanish Mackerel catch!
Sam Adams Summer Ale! It's what every Budweiser wants to be when it grows up. Perfect for the Boat!
The only Hurricanes I actually like. Hey Brian G. time to black out! Amazing Hurricane Recipe rocking some Captain Morgan's!
Hooked by Chris Rice from
Dude when you wear these you will definitely be "Fly" Fishing, Haha! Limited Edition Oakley Frogskins $140.00
Steve Arts I may throw you over my boat if I see you in this big guy.
Pam and Jules showing off. What a beautiful Mahi!
When Lilly pulled this Barracuda into the boat she freaked! What a weekend in Miami. Powdered Red Bull by night and Wahoo by day! Great trip.
Danny Pavlik Ummm.... That's a Barracuda
Hooked a 63lb Hoo in Destin with Ricky the day we called in sick to work...Nice!
Ricky Slade Dude be cool, my boss is on FishyPic. I was really sick that day.
Pete Burgess LOL. Ricky, there is no excuse to miss that day!
More Lobster! August 2011
Debbie Mann May Sure wish we had some of those here in Texas!
Lobster! August 2010
Ricky Slade Wow Danny, leave some for the rest of us. Wish I was down there bro.
Pete Burgess No offense to Maine, but Florida lobster are my favorite!
Monster Blackfin!
$22.00 Pelagic should sponsor me
$49.99 Awesome shirts!
Classic Buffett
Bobby Ricigliano Well that's one way to get rod of Key West. Nice job Keith!
One of the 3 sharks that I caught on my trip to Galveston.
Is there a better fishing song than this? Don't think so!
Hooked by Keith Allen from
Gavin Page Best fishing song to date!
My prize from my Ohio trip!
Mike Kleid Nice walleye !
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