How true.
Bobby Ricigliano Every liar I know loves to fish haha!
Look at Papa Rice hooking a nice Smallmouth out back!!!
Bobby Ricigliano Atta boy Chuck!!!
Caught these in about 450-500 feet off a weedline. Totalled 12 phins with the biggest one close to 40 lbs. All caught on trolled ballyhoo with ilander lures.
Ian Shiell Nice Danny! Hope we have that kind of luck this weekend!
Nice catch
Bobby Ricigliano Look at Stu in the background. So wasted!!!
Cold but nice Cod
The pesky Bonita
Cold, but nice Bluefish
Hooked by Keith Allen from
Bobby Ricigliano I remember that day. Keith got another one that size an hour later.
Nice Barracuda
Hooked by Keith Allen from
My Baby... 2006 Grady White
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