Chad's first Silver Salmon.
How true!
Debbie with two nice Red Snappers. What a fun day. Now off to Spinnaker's for drinks!
Clearwater Loaded Vest from Orvis $195.00 - The nicest Fly Fishing vest ever!
Hooked by Chris Rice from
Sean, crewing aboard "Two for Flinchin" hooked this beautiful green Bonito. Nice!
Nipper's Bar in the Bahamas! So much fun.
The one and only Sloppy Joe's in Key West...ahh the memories. Or lack thereof.
Jessianne Rice Babe we should re-new our wedding vows here.
Darryl Kohl My last two trips to Key West were a blurr. Guess that means it was a good trip!
Steven Schultz This has been my Key West watering hole for 25 years!
Nice one Phil! Watch those hands, haha. Remember last trip? Just kidding, stitches aren't funny...
A few Anchor Steams after a great day of Fly Fishing and you can't go wrong. A great Mom & Pop Brewery! $7.99 a sixer.
Hooked by Chris Rice from
Pete Burgess My all time favorite beer!
Sarah mugging with her Redfish! She caught more Reds than all of us, haha!
Chris Rice Wow, that's some catch Rick. The Red ain't too bad either. Hehe
Kingfish Tourney weekend and Uncle Ralph landed this beauty!!! Our fishing team "Operation Hardhat" won that year.
Jimmy Buffett singing Volcano live at Bonnaroo. - Marley loves this song!
Hooked by Chris Rice from
Jessianne Rice I don't know where I'ma gonna go when the Volcano blow!
Joseph Webb Jimmy's still got it!
Gavin Page I only dream to be as cool as Jimmy when I am 66 years old. The guy is actually probably cooler than me now!
Plano Guide Series Pro System $59.95 - Got one for my birthday and love it.
Hooked by Chris Rice from
Rachel caught the fish of the day! Captain Clark in Delray was a great host. Look at that COBIA!!!
Red Stripes at Sunset...Doesn't get much better than that fellas.
Ian Shiell Makes me want to head to the islands!
Chris Rice Add some Reggae Reggae music too!
Top 10 Fly-Fishing Vacation Lodges!
Hooked by Chris Rice from
Jessianne Rice Look at that water! Beautiful, let's go!
L.L.Bean Fly-Fishing Handbook $18.95 - Great for the budding Fly Fisherman. My nephew Jonah loves it!
Ricky Slade I got this book when I was a kid. It's like a rite of passage.
Jessianne Rice I just got this for my Dad. Great coffee table book.
Chris Rice Hey, I got that for your Dad!
Abu Garcia Revo MGX $349.99 - Hope my wife is listening. That reel is awesome!
Jessianne Rice Didn't you tell me your name was "Abu Garcia" when we first met? Haha
Chris Rice Why yes I did! Haha!
Boone promised us some Walleye. Well he delivered, look at the 12 lb'er Jake landed. Wow!
A 15 pound Steelhead. Billy was stoked. Gettin it done in Alaska.
Mr. Bacon with a beautiful Rainbow Trout. Thanks for the memories old man. Look at that Beauty!
Jessianne Rice Mr. Bacon looking sharp like Paul Newman, haha.
Dakota Angler II Clip Watch $89.99
Bobby Ricigliano Are we shotgunning beers? I'll time you!
Albury Brothers 23' in Custom Navy Blue! Yes please!!!
Ricky Slade Albury Bros handmade in the Bahamas. Always loved these.
Love Hemingway...
Steve Arts So true in life! Hand me a beer!
The weather is here and they ARE beautiful!
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